Scientist Home Group

The establishment of Scientist Home signifies the group’s new road map to set foot in health science. Our ventures include rehabilitation, personal hygiene, cancer treatment and PPE. We emphasize on functionality, safety, niche, evidence-based in all our products. 

Scientist Home Malaysia was established in 2008 to share and extend our proprietary food and herbal supplements, with the aim to facilitate you and your family in maintaining good health.

Vision & Mission

Our aim is to develop innovative and evidence based rehabilitation and to share added-value, time-proven proprietaries beneficial to all walks of life. From young to middle-aged and to elderly, nutrition or rehabilitation is needed for growth and repair in support of body's biological system. 

Functionality, Safety, Niche

Our priority is to ensure that our proprietaries are functional and of value to our customers. Hence, from designing of formulation to selection of ingredients and production, we stress on test results on the quality and safety, including the extensiveness of scientific research conducted by our counterparts.

Our Customers

Our approach is to enable our customers to have a better understanding of their conditions and needs based on health test results and science perspective.

Research & Development

Our proprietaries are formulated by R&D team at our headquarter in Hong Kong. We work closely with panel advisers, health professionals and customers while continuously engaging in research and development in search of advancement.

Our Group Of Companies

Rehabilitation Center, Specialized Supplements & Health Care

@ Hong Kong, GuangZhou

Health Foods, Supplements, Topical Products

Our Headquarter @ Hong Kong

Personal Hygiene, Made With Patented Antimicrobial Technology

@ Hong Kong, China, Australia

Nanoknife Treatment System
Tumor Ablation Technology

@ Hong Kong, China

Dedicated Support

Get in touch with us to know more about our nutritional supplements, bone density test and health related services. We're here to serve!