Bone Density Test

The Strength & Hardness Of Your Bones

In emphasizing the importance of bone health, we provide FREE Bone Density Test for you to know if your bones are healthy and strong enough. The bone density test is made available at our health partners’ premises i.e. pharmacies, healthcare centers, community centers as well as Scientist Home Wellness.

Check out our Bone Density Test Schedule below and visit the nearest participating pharmacy to do a bone density test. 

At Scientist Home Wellness, rapid health tests on uric acid, cholesterol, glucose are also available besides the FREE bone density test. Just contact us for an appointment.

We use ultrasound scan machine and the scan would be carried out on your wrist.

Bone Density Test

Bone Mineral Density

Your bone mineral density level would give you a good indication of your bone health i.e. on the strength and hardness of your bones. Bone density test is the way to test your bone condition.

Bone density test is also known as bone density scan or bone mineral density test. The test can be done using MRI or Dexa besides the ultrasound scan.   

It’s a good practice to have your bones checked on a routine basis i.e. every 6 months especially if you're over age 50 or post-menopause. 

If you're working on improving your bone density whether by way of changing your diet or lifestyle or taking nutritional supplementation, you can always monitor your bone's condition and/or progress after about 3 months via bone density test.

Bone Mineral Density Index

WHO's Definition Of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is diagnosed when the loss of bone density and strength leads to unacceptably high tendency for bones to fracture i.e. to break which may cause disability, pain, deformity, dependence and death. Therefore, prevention, early detection and treatment would reduce these negatives. The bones of the forearm, spine and hip are most prone to osteoporotic fracture.”

Osteoporosis is characterized by low bone mass, resulting in weak bones. It's a silent disease as osteoporosis does not show any symptom regardless of how low your bone density is. You might not know that your bones have become weak until a bone is fractured or broken. Anyone can develop osteoporosis, but it's more common in women.

Falls are the number one cause of bone fractures in older adults regardless of gender. Hence, if your bone density is low, it is important to avoid falling down and carry heavy things so as to minimize the risk of breaking your bone. 

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