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What Are Gelatin Hydrolysate, Collagen Hydrolysate,
Gelatin & Collagen

Gelatin Hydrolysate, Collagen Hydrolysate or Gelatin are all derived from Collagen, which can be extracted from the bone, skin and scale of animals such as fish, bovine, porcine or chicken. Gelatin Hydrolysate or Collagen Hydrolysate is rich in amino acids and high in nutritional value as shown in clinical studies. Gelatin hydrolysate is also known as collagen hydrolysate, hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed gelatin or collagen peptides.


Gelatin hydrolysate or collagen hydrolysate is produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen, where the amino acid chains of collagen peptides have been cut into smaller size of 1kD to 3kD to facilitate absorption in the intestine. Collagen in “hydrolysate” or “hydrolyzed” form is therefore rapidly digestible and highly bioavailable to your body systems. Has no gelling effect and water soluble.

Hydrolyzed Collagen, Benefits & Clinical Findings

Gelatin hydrolysate or collagen hydrolysate is gaining its popularity as nutritional supplement due to the scientifically proven health benefits. Clinical trials have established the mechanism on how hydrolyzed collagen contributes to healthy bone, joint, muscle, skin, hair, nail, among others. The benefits of collagen towards health and beauty were actually discovered as early as in the 12th century!

Collagen is one of the vital components in your body tissues. Collagen is a structural protein crucial for the structure and strength of your bone, joint, muscle, skin and body systems.

More than 60 scientific studies have been conducted on the efficacy of hydrolyzed collagen in reducing collagen damage and loss in bone, joint, muscle, skin, etc. Erosion of collagen can cause:

  • Joint degeneration and pain, or arthritis. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis are the most common types of arthritis affecting adults whilst children can be affected by juvenile arthritis.
  • Loss of bone density or osteoporosis, affecting the hardness and strength of bone.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • Skin ageing, brittle hair or nail, and so forth.

Gelatin hydrolysate or collagen hydrolysate has shown favorable results in enhancing bone density, joint cartilage and connective tissues like ligament or tendon, muscle strength, skin health and firmness, hair growth or stronger nail; mainly attributable to the nutritional value, biological value and functionality of hydrolyzed collagen:

  • Help to stimulate the metabolism of collagen and therefore accelerate the building and repairing of body tissues.
  • Rich in special amino acids composition vital to the body tissues, such as Proline, Glycine, Hydroxyproline.
  • Much smaller molecular weight which enhance digestibility and bioavailability.

Collagen & Gelatin Features

Collagen derived from animals can be categorized into more than 20 types, and each type of collagen identified has its unique amino acids composition; hence, the functionalities and benefits. Native collagen has very big molecular weight of 300kD in its original form and insoluble; hence, it’s not favorable in terms of absorption.

Gelatin or gelatine, is high in protein. Gelatin is produced by hydrolysis of collagenous tissues and has molecular weight of 100kD.  Gelatin has a neutral taste and odor, with gelling effect and can only dissolves in hot water. Commonly used in foods and capsules.

Collagen & Gelatin Hydrolysate As Food Supplement

Gelatin hydrolysate or collagen hydrolysate formulas are designed to serve as food supplement to help build and repair body tissues.

Our gelatine hydrolysate is derived from fish collagen whilst collagen hydrolysate from bovine gelatin.

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