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Company Profile

Scientist Home (M) Sdn Bhd was established in 2008 as a subsidiary company of Scientist Home Ltd which is based in Hong Kong.

Scientist Home Group focuses on the retailing and/or distribution of health products ranging from nutritional supplements, health foods to personal care which are applicable to all walks of life.

Our vision is to pursue the field of health through science.

Our motto is: Natural Ingredients, Supported by Clinical Research


Our Mission

We strive to provide customers with not only resolutions but also explanations from the science perspective so as to maintain and attain good health. We believe in healthy body comes with healthy mind and soul.

We emphasize on efficacy, safety, ingredient adequacy, innovation and uniqueness, in all our products, in addition to being scientifically proven.

Our Presence

Our retail network includes Hong Kong, Macao, GuangDong Province, Indonesia and Malaysia. We hope to share our proprietary with more audience across the region and to serve people who are in need and believe in natural supplements.

The Importance of Scientific Research

Our proprietary represents functional supplements which is developed by our R & D team based on the newest scientific findings. We are also responsible for procurement, production and quality control to ensure presenting products of high quality and value to our customers for attaining optimal health.

We are also capitalizing on reliable and reputable brands in sharing more quality products and to facilitate the public in enjoying better quality of life.

TV Programs

We have been producing and broadcasting TV and radio programs featuring health and clinical research for sharing the up-to-date development to enable audience gaining more knowledge on health. And, we are honored to have gained much support from the audience.

In Hong Kong, our TV programs are entitled “科學+健康” and “科學耆績”. Whilst in Indonesia and Malaysia, the TV programs are entitled “科學家健康講座” and “健康+科學” respectively.

Our Team

We provide health sharing and screening at pharmacies, health events as well as our sales office besides organizing and participating in health events to promote health awareness, so as to enable the audience to better understand their conditions and needs.
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