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The establishment of Scientist Home signifies the group’s new road map to set foot in health science. Scientist Home Malaysia was established in 2008 to share and extend our proprietary nutritional food and natural supplements, with the aim to facilitate you and your family in maintaining good health. We emphasize on efficacy, safety, quality and ingredient adequacy in all our products in addition to being scientifically proven. We trust everyone acknowledges healthy body comes with peaceful mind.

Philosophy & Vision

Our vision is to pursue the field of health through science. Our philosophy is “Functional, Natural, Safe, Quality, Niche, Scientific Evidence”. We aim to share our proprietary across the regions and to serve people who are in need and believe in natural health products.


Our mission is to provide added-value and time-proven nutrition which are applicable to all walks of life. From young to middle-aged and to elderly, we need nutrition for growth, maintenance and support due to our body's biological system. Hence, our proprietaries are designed and served so as to maintain, rejuvenate and enhance the well-being of everyone in the family, from young to elderly.

Efficacy, Safety, Quality, Niche, Scientific Research

From designing the formula to selection of ingredients, we stress on test results on the safety and quality of each of the ingredients apart from the claimed efficacy. We're also concerned about the extensiveness of scientific research conducted by our counterparts, wherein the research report would have to be recognized by the world health institutions. We are responsible for the procurement, production and quality control to ensure that products are of high quality and value to our customers for attaining optimal health.

Research & Development

Our proprietaries are formulated by our R&D team based on the newest scientific findings at our headquarter in Hong Kong. We work closely with our panel advisers, health professionals and customers while continuously engaging in product research and development as we advance in the field of health and nutrition, so as to meet the needs arising.

Our Approach

Our priority is to enable our customers to have a better understanding of their condition and needs by providing explanation based on the science perspective. We recommend nutritional food or supplements based on customers' health test results.

Facilities & Services

In Malaysia, we provide FREE bone density test at participating pharmacy outlets, community centers, corporate offices and Scientist Home Wellness to promote awareness and importance of bone health. Rapid health tests on uric acid, glucose, cholesterol are also available at our wellness center. These tests are to facilitate our customers and the public to keep track of their conditions or progress.

Our Group Of Companies

BioSci Clinic
Consultation Clinic @ GuangZhou

Scientist Home
Our Headquarter @ Hong Kong

Nanoknife System @ Hong Kong, China

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