Bone, Joint, Muscle, Skin Nutrition

All-in-one nutritional supplement comprising gelatine hydrolysate, rose hips, vitamins, minerals, purple potato helps to maintain healthy bone, joint flexibility and mobility, muscle strength, radiant skin. Essential nutrients which support bonejoint, muscle, skin and body systems to stay healthy, strong and active. 

  • Gelatine hydrolysate contains fish collagen protein essential for bone, joint, muscle, skin.
  • Rose hips and purple sweet potato are rich in phytonutrients beneficial to joint, skin.
  • Vitamins and minerals are essential for bone and body systems.
  • Essential nutrients which can help to build and repair body tissues.
  • High in nutritional and biological values as the nutrients are well absorbed by the body systems.
  • Ingredients are clinically supported, no flavoring nor coloring.
  • Walk, stand, bend, flex comfortably!

Gelatine Hydrolysate With Rose Hips, Purple Potato 390g

Gelatine Hydrolysate & Amino Acids

Gelatine hydrolysate derived from collagen in fish is rich in special amino acids composition. Hydroxyproline peptides plus other essential amino acids unique to Gelatine Hydrolysate helps to stimulate collagen synthesis and accelerate the metabolism of body tissues. Thus, aids in the regeneration and balance the loss of collagenous tissues in your body. 

Collagen is a structural protein which contributes to the mechanical strength of your bone, joint, muscle, skin, as well as body systems. Protein is essential for growth and development, and helps to build and repair body tissues.

Gelatine Hydrolysate With Rose Hips

Rose Hips, Purple Potato & Phytonutrients

Rose hips is a natural compound contains vitamins C, A and other phytonutrients, and rich in antioxidant. Rose hips is beneficial towards joint, skin and body systems.

Purple sweet potato is rich in phytonutrients and antioxidant. 

Vitamins C, B, D & Minerals Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc

Vitamins and minerals are vital for your bones and body systems. Vitamins C and B affect the "collagen cross-link formation", which determines the bone quality. Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus. Calcium aids in the development of strong bone while magnesium promotes calcium absorption and retention, and zinc is essential for growth.

Consumption Recommendation

Start with 2.5 teaspoons and gradually increase to 5 teaspoons daily. Dissolve in warm water.

  • Best to be taken in the morning or before bedtime.
  • Can be taken even as part of your meal. 
  • May mix with milk, oat, cereal or muesli, but not coffee or tea. 
5 teaspoons daily for the first 3 months at least, to obtain optimal supplementation.
(a) 2.5 teaspoons daily; or (b) 5 teaspoons, to be taken 3 to 4 times a week.

Note: Opt for collagen or gelatine hydrolysate derived from Bovine if allergic to fish products.



Gelatine Hydrolysate (Fish), Purple Sweet Potato, Mineral Complex (Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc), Vitamin Complex (Vitamins A, D3, E, B1, B3, Folic Acid, Biotin, B6, D-Calcium Pantothenate, B12, C), Rose Hips, Maltodextrin.

Contains 8g of Gelatine Hydrolysate per 13g of serving. 1 bottle of Gelatine Hydrolysate With Rose Hips & Purple Potato 130g caters for 10 days consumption, based on 5 teaspoons a day.

Gelatine hydrolysate is produced by a highly recognized manufacturer in Korea.

Nutrition Fact

Gelatine Hydrolysate With Rose Hips Nutrition Fact

Bone, Joint, Muscle, Skin & The Biological Science

Low bone density, joint degeneration, muscle weakness, dryness, wrinkle or spots in skin are signs of deterioration in body systems caused by aging or injury. 

From the science perspective, regeneration of tissues can help to balance the loss of tissues caused by aging or injury, to a considerable extent. Nourish your bone, joint, muscle, skin and body systems consistently to stay healthy, strong and active.
The health benefits of amino acids provided by gelatine hydrolysate from fish, phytonutrients by rose hips and purple potato, as well as vitamins and minerals are supported by scientific findings.


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