High Uric Acid #1

My uric acid level is back to normal after taking PS Mulberry With Kohki for 2 months ~ Aimee W on Google.

Feeling discomfort in finger joints out of no clue. Was recommended to take uric acid test, and the reading was slightly higher than the normal level of 6 mg/dL.  

High Uric Acid #2

Swelling in foot disappeared after taking the botanical beverage consistently, as well as change of diet ~ Mdm Yuen @ Pharmacy.

Foot become swollen, causing discomfort when wearing shoes and walking. Blood test result showed high uric acid level. I'm a vegetarian, and had been on diet high in beans and nuts.  

High Uric Acid #3

No more discomfort and stiffness ~ Mdm Thai, Seri Kembangan.

Discomfort and stiffness occurred in both knees and hip , and thought it was degeneration in cartilage due to osteoarthritis as I'm in my early 60's. Blood test results showed that uric acid level was at 6.9 mg/dL.

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