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Mixed Cocoa With Fish Gelatine Hydrolysate provides essential nutrients which support bone, joint, muscle, skin and body. A nutritional food comprising special amino acids from fish gelatin hydrolysate and phytonutrients which help in the regeneration and repairing of body tissues caused by aging or injury. It's of high nutritional value as the nutrients are well absorbed by the body systems. 

Structural protein like gelatin or collagen contributes to the mechanical strength of the bone, joint, muscle, skin specifically and body generally. Gelatin hydrolysate is made up of special amino acid composition, which helps to accelerate the metabolism of cells in your body. Thus, aids in the regeneration and balance the loss of cells caused by aging or injury. Gelatin hydrolysate is produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of collagenous tissue. 
Mixed Cocoa With Fish Gelatine Hydrolysate contains gelatin hydrolysate derived from fish collagen. Pure cocoa powder is rich in antioxidant, and it's beneficial to human health from head to toe. Clinical findings on the phytonutrients in cocoa tend to substantiate the historic designation of cocoa as "food of the Gods."
On average, there are 206 pieces of bones in adults. Its main components are calcium, phosphorus and collagen, and comprises 25% of the human weight. In addition, its hardness is 4 times as a brick with the same volume. 

Scientific findings suggested that amino acids from gelatin hydrolysate and phytonutrients are nutritional food which help to maintain the framework as well as the strength of your bone, joint, muscle, skin and body.

Walk, Stand, Bend and Flex Confidently!

How To Gauge Your Improvement

Bone: You may follow up on your bone health after taking MFGH or any other supplementation for about 3 months, by way of bone density scan at participating pharmacies or our wellness center. Check out our bone density scan schedule here.

Joint & Muscle: The level of comfort, flexibility, mobility or strength in your joint and muscle would provide you the indication.  

Skin: You may gauge from your skin's appearance, dryness or firmness.

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Ingredients & Direction

Cocoa Powder, Gelatine Hydrolysate (Fish Collagen)

Take 2 to 4 teaspoons (5 to 10g) daily. Consume after dissolving in 250ml of warm water.

Consumption Recommendation

1) Start with 2 teaspoons of MFGH, and gradually increase to 4 teaspoons daily.  Intake of 10g a day provides optimal supplementation. A nutritious drink which can be taken anytime, even as part of your meal. Best to be taken in the morning or before bedtime.

2) Do not use hot water as it will destroy the nutritional properties.

3) Not recommended to mix with coffee or tea.



a) For healthier cholesterol, may mix MFGH with VS Cocoa+Beta Glucan

b) May also sweeten with natural sweetener GP Erythritol or Erythritol+Luo Han Fruit, which is beneficial to blood glucose.

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