Beneficial effects of mulberry, kohki and botanicals towards body systems.

  • Botanicals beneficial to body systems and uric acid.
  • Mulberry, kohki and selected botanicals are rich in phytonutrients, antioxidant.
  • 100% botanicals and herbs.
  • High in nutritional and biological values.
  • All natural ingredients, science evidence based.
  • Healthy body systems help to maintain healthy uric acid level!

PS Mulberry With Kohki

Body Systems, Uric Acid & The Biological Science

From the science perspective, healthy body systems help to maintain balanced uric acid level.

The health benefits of phytonutrients derived from mulberry, kohki and selected botanicals and herbs are supported by scientific findings. Not only high in nutritional value but also biological value as the nutrients are well absorbed by the body systems.

Mulberry, Kohki, Phytonutrients & Science

Botanicals and herbs with specific phytonutrients provide synergistic effects towards body systems.

Mulberry and kohki leaves are popular in Japan, where the Japanese have been consuming the teas as a natural remedy. High in phytonutrients such as morin and mulberroside, and astilbin respectively.

Dimorphandra mollis contains many types of flavonoids whilst mangifera indica is rich in a variety of phytochemicals, which exert health promoting effects.

Purple sweet potato is rich in phytonutrients and ranks high in nutritional value along with other purple foods. Rich in anthocyanins, an important antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Purple potato is also beneficial to blood sugar and even people with type 2 diabetes despite rated medium in glycemic index (GI). 

Consumption Recommendation

  • 1 teaspoon after breakfast and 1 teaspoon after dinner. Dissolve the powder in room temperature water.
  • AceAims Moringa Oleifera is suggested as part of the rehabilitation for painful condition.


Daily intake for 3 months, to obtain optimal supplementation.
Daily intake of 1 to 3 months is recommended.

Do's & Don'ts

1) Drink more warm water.
2) Avoid or reduce high purine foods and drinks.

Ingredients & Direction

PS Mulberry With Kohki Ingredients

1) DO NOT use hot water to dissolve the powder as it will destroy the nutritional properties.
2) Store in fridge after opening for better preservation.

Nutrition Fact

PS Mulberry With Kohki Nutrition Fact


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