Osteoporosis & Fracture

Osteoporosis, Fracture Risks & Bone Density

Osteoporosis is a silent disease. Why osteoporosis is called a silent disease? When your bones are weak i.e. having very low bone mineral density, they won’t give you any signal, symptom or cause any pain at all. You’ll only feel the pain when there’s a bone fractured. Therefore, many elderly especially would assume that their bones are still healthy and strong which in actual fact could be otherwise.

The spine in picture belongs to an auntie who’s in her mid 70’s. She used to be very active until a fall happened when she carried a pail of water. The fall caused much pain at her lower back and hip, and she was unable to move initially. CT scan showed compression fracture in one of the spinal bones due to osteoporosis. She now has to wear support braces to enable her to move around.

The auntie is now taking Mixed Cocoa With Gelatine Hydrolysate which contains gelatin hydrolysate derived from fish collagen, rose hips, vitamins, minerals. Special amino acids together with phytonutrients and multivitamins are beneficial to her bone density and joint cartilage, as the essential nutrients can help to build and repair body tissues.

Bone Mineral Density: Your Bone Health Indicator

Bone mineral density gives you an indication if your bones are still healthy and strong. Bone mineral density scan is non-invasive, designed to check whether your bone mineral density is at healthy, osteopenia or osteoporosis level. Bone mineral density is a reliable indicator of bone fracture risk.

Are your bones healthy and strong? Check out our schedule for a FREE bone density scan at the nearest pharmacy or Scientist Home Wellness. We use ultrasound machine to scan your wrist.

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