Erythritol & Monk Fruit, Natural Sweetener

Erythritol With Monk Fruit is a zero calorie natural sweetener beneficial to glucose, body fat, tooth.

  • Supports glucose, diet planning, oral health synergistically.
  • Can act as an antioxidant.
  • Provides combined benefits of erythritol & monk fruit.
  • Sweetness is similar to sugar 1:1.
  • Tastes great; no unpleasant after taste.
  • In fine crystal form, looks and tastes like sugar.
  • Ideal for use in beverages, cooking or baking.
  • Available in brown (with monk fruit fragrant) & white.
  • Healthy glucose, the key to healthy body!


Monk Fruit Sweetener (Brown)

Monk Fruit Sweetener

Erythritol, Monk Fruit & The Biological Science

The health benefits of erythritol and luo han guo are supported by scientific findings. A healthy sugar substitute for all including people with diabetes or on weight loss diet plan such as keto.

Erythritol is zero in calorie and does not affect blood glucose. It has been found to be readily absorbed from the small intestine, not systemically metabolized, and excreted unchanged from the body. Hence, rendering it to be noncaloric and has a high gastrointestinal tolerance.

Erythritol has been certified as tooth friendly as it does not cause tooth decay. Oral health studies revealed that erythritol can also reduce dental plaque. Erythritol can act as an antioxidant, as shown in clinical findings. 

Luo han guo (monk fruit) is highly regarded in traditional Chinese medicine. Luo han fruit can help to enhance fat metabolism as suggested in a clinical study.

Erythritol is classified as nutritive sweetener whereas luo han guo is as non-nutritive sweetener.

What Is Erythritol

Erythritol is a sweetener, produced through fermentation of glucose using conventional yeasts.

Starch from corn or wheat is normally used and processed by way of enzymatic hydrolysis to turn it into glucose. Chemically, erythritol belongs to the family of polyols (or sugar alcohols) which can naturally be found in plants, fermented foods and beverages. 


Erythritol, Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo) Extract.

Direction: Use as needed in place of ordinary sugar.

Nutrition Fact

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