Osteopenia #1

Bone density increased to -1.4 within 6 months ~ Mdm Yong PK @ Pharmacy.

Had my 1st bone density test at pharmacy in May 2019 and the result was -2.2. Though considered not too bad for my age as I was born in 1948, I was determined to improve my bone condition. Have been consistently taking the recommended nutrition and going for bone density test to monitor my progress.

Osteoporosis #1

Improving ..... from osteoporosis to osteopenia level ~ Mdm Tan SH @ Pharmacy.

In mid 2017, bone density reading was -3.3 and took a box of the recommended nutrition. Without much patience, I switched over to some other alternative for about half a year and in early 2019, the reading dropped to -3.5. After taking the recommended nutrition again quite obediently, my bone density reading has moved up to -2.4 in Nov 2019. Born in 1952.

Osteoporosis #2

Hooray! From osteoporosis to osteopenia, and now at healthy level ~ Mdm Yap @ Pharmacy

Bone density result was -2.6 at end of 2017. Have been consistent on taking nutrition, exercising under the morning sun, practicing healthy diet and lifestyle after getting to know my bone condition. In mid 2018, the reading was -1.0. By end 2019, my bone density result was +0.9 which is quite an achievement. Born in 1953.  

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