No more trigger finger condition. Finger can now bend completely with much less stiffness. Previously had to endure morning stiffness, pain, crackling sound~ Mdm May @ Selangor.

Trigger finger happened about 2.5 years ago. Started with morning stiffness, followed by discomfort and then unable to bend normally like other fingers. Stiffness has reduced so much now. Able to bend and straighten up completely after taking nutrition and doing stretching exercise for about 9 months.

Finger Pain #1

Stiffness, numbness and weakness in fingers have improved a lot ~ Mdm Tan @ Selangor.

My fingers were practically overused as they helped not only with my daily work, chores but also hours of browsing through mobile phone. Joints become stiff, numb with lumps growing. No more numbness and fingers are much more flexible now.

Finger Pain #2

Stiffness, numbness, weakness and pain in fingers were affecting daily life ~ Mdm Quek @ Pharmacy.

Fingers condition was rather bad and weak that I couldn't grip or hold things well. I had to rub the joints to ease the pain. My fingers are getting much better now .... lesser stiffness, numbness or pain, and getting stronger.

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