Gout & Natural Remedies

Remedy for gout involves lowering of uric acid level which can be attained through heart-healthy lifestyle. 

Gout conditions with urate crystals at joints such as elbow, ankle, big toe or disfigured finger joints can happen when uric acid level is higher than normal prolonged. 

Gouty Elbow #2

Elbow with urate crystals due to high uric acid. Glad that it's been progressing well so far. Both the gout condition in elbow and uric acid level are showing promising results ~ Mr Adam G

Have had high uric acid issue for quite some time and realized that my elbow was getting bigger and stiff. Have to admit that I enjoy red meat and beer. Cutting down on high purine diet while taking the botanical beverage for the 3rd month now. 

Gouty Fingers

Fingers are getting better, stronger and straightening gradually ~ Mdm Lai

High uric acid and gout runs in the family gene; both brother and i have it since young. Deformation happened progressively in finger joints to the extend that I couldn't really grip or carry heavy stuff.   

Gouty Ankle

After trying this product for about 3 months, gout problem has improved ~ Yen

Father has had high uric acid and gout condition for many years. Ankle become swollen and the growth was getting bigger, causing much discomfort and inconvenience. Not easy to wear socks or shoes, not to mention walking.

Gouty Elbow

Elbow has gotten almost back to normal after about 9 months ~ Mr Tan

Facing high uric acid and gout issue for over 20 years, with growth due to urate crystals in elbow. The growth had gotten so prominent i.e. about 3cm in size to the extent that I couldn't straighten and stretch my hand. 

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