Knee Pain #1

I can now go for holidays. Refrained from going anywhere far previously as osteoarthritis had caused much inconvenience ~ Mdm Chin @ Pharmacy.

Knees were stiff, swelling, painful and weak. Wasn't able to stand or walk for long, not to mention squatting down. Started with some light exercise and stretching while taking nutrition. I can now walk comfortably and confidently, and even drive.   

Knee Pain #2

Able to squat comfortably now. Endured O-shaped legs and unable to squat down for more than 10 years ~ Mdm Woo @ KL.

Osteoarthritis was getting bad as it was painful in the knees while climbing stairs and walking. O-shape in legs become prominent and couldn't squat for many years. Discomfort reduced gradually after taking nutrition, and able to squat down comfortably again after shedding a few kilograms. I go for exercises and nutrition intake daily to take care of my health and mobility.   

ACL Tear

Back to my normal routine 3 months after enduring severe injury to ligament (ACL tear) and cartilage ~ Eric @ Selangor.

The incident during badminton game caused 80% ligament torn (ACL tear) and injured my knee cartilage. Very painful, unable to walk and causing sleeplessness as I refrained from taking painkiller. My rehabilitation included nutrition and topical application. Had to be on crutches for 3 months.    

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