How To Lower Uric Acid Naturally

Lowering of uric acid level through heart-healthy lifestyle is achievable and sustainable.  

High uric acid level can cause swelling, stiffness or discomfort in joints which can be attributable to a number of factors. Identifying the root cause in a way helps to lower uric acid level. Nonetheless, attaining balanced and normal uric acid level is vital to your body systems and joints. 

High Uric Acid #1

My uric acid level is back to normal after taking PS Mulberry With Kohki for 2 months ~ Aimee W

Feeling discomfort in finger joints out of no clue. Was recommended to take uric acid test, and the reading was slightly higher than the normal level of 6 mg/dL.  

High Uric Acid #2

Swelling in foot disappeared after taking the botanical beverage consistently, as well as change of diet ~ Mdm Yap

Foot become swollen, causing discomfort when wearing shoes and walking. Blood test result showed high uric acid level. I'm a vegetarian, and had been on diet high in beans and nuts.  

High Uric Acid #3

No more discomfort and stiffness in knees ~ Mdm Thai

Discomfort and stiffness occurred in both knees, and thought it was degeneration in cartilage due to osteoarthritis as I'm in my early 60's. Blood test results showed that uric acid level was at 6.9 mg/dL.

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