Erythritol & Health Benefits

Erythritol supports glucose, tooth, weight loss diet plan and can act as an antioxidant.

  • Natural sweetener with 0 calorie.
  • Beneficial to glucose, oral health, diet planning.
  • 抗氧化作用。
  • Sweetness is about 70% of sugar.
  • In crystallized form, looks and tastes like sugar.
  • 没有令人不适的味道。
  • Ideal for use to sweeten beverages, hot and cold.
  • 健康的葡萄糖,健康的身体的关键!

GP Erythritol

Erythritol & The Biological Science

The health benefits of erythritol are supported by scientific findings. A natural sweetener for all including people with diabetes or on weight loss diet plan such as keto.

赤藓糖醇 的卡路里为零,并且不影响体内血糖。 已经发现它很容易被我们小肠吸收,没有被系统代谢,并能排泄出体外。 因此,使其成为无热量的食品并且具有很高的胃肠道耐受性。

Erythritol can act as an antioxidant, as shown in clinical findings. 

Erythritol has been certified as tooth friendly as it does not cause tooth decay. Oral health studies revealed that erythritol can also reduce dental plaque.


Erythritol is a nutritive sweetener, produced through fermentation of glucose using conventional yeasts.

Erythritol is classified as nutritive sweetener. Starch from corn or wheat is normally used and processed by way of enzymatic hydrolysis to turn it into glucose. Chemically, erythritol belongs to the family of polyols (or sugar alcohols) which can naturally be found in plants, fermented foods and beverages. 


100% Erythritol

Direction: Twice a day, each time 4 teaspoons (10g) if your glucose level is higher than normal. 
Otherwise, use as needed. May mix with any drinks, hot or cold.


GP Erythritol Nutrition Fact




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