Gouty Ankle

After trying this product, gout problem has improved ~ Yen on Lazada.

Father has had high uric acid for many years. Ankle become swollen and the growth was getting bigger, causing much discomfort and inconvenience. Not easy to wear socks or shoes, not to mention walking.

Gouty Fingers

Fingers are getting better and straightening ~ Mdm Lai, Puchong.

High uric acid and gout runs in the family gene; both brother and i have it since young. Deformation happened progressively in finger joints to the extend that I couldn't really grip or carry heavy stuff.   

Gouty Elbow

Elbow has gotten almost back to normal after about 9 months ~ Mr Tan @ Pharmacy.

Facing uric acid and gout issue for over 20 years, with growth due to urate crystals in elbow had gotten prominent and couldn't straighten and stretch my hand. 


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